Bundle: Logo T-shirt + Heads Will Roll 2CD


**Pre-sale product. Release date February 17th 2023.**

Heads Will Roll CD + Logo shirt.

The 2nd Oceanhoarse album on CD, personally signed by all four members! 2CD Digipak with bonus track “Waves”, as well as our 2020 live album “The Damage is Done – LIVE!” as a bonus disc!

NOTE: If you want the autographs dedicated to you (or someone else), please add the name you want the album dedicated to (“To John”, etc) in the “Additional information” when placing the order!


DISC 1 – Heads Will Roll:

1. Fall Like Dominoes
2. Help Is On The Way
3. Pryopen
4. Brick
5. Smoke Signals
6. Waves
7. Dead Zone
8. Heads Will Roll
9. Adrift
10. Nails
11. Carved in Stone

DISC 2 – The Damage is Done – LIVE!:

1. Intro
2. Feed The Sirens
3. Fading Neons
4. Death Row Center
5. Waves
6. Bass solo
7. The Damage
8. Duality
9. Submersed
10. The Intruder
11. The Oceanhoarse

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